Hi, On this page I wanted to let you know something about myself….

Actually I had my first Make up class in april 2011. It was a private lesson for learning to do makeup on oneself. As I was doing my first steps, my teacher immediately saw that I would probably be able to do far more than just that usual everyday makeup. That’s why she invited me to have a look at the Pro Classes.

That’s where everything began…

I learned how to consider and create Make up as being an established branch of modern art. Far from being a simple technique of painting a people’s face, I saw that there was more to learn. I completely revisited my concept and my notion of MakeUp and began to take care of establishing concepts that underlay my creations.

It was all about combining materials ; colors, shapes, shades and textures. By carefully disasembling a whole into its smallest elements, before recombining them into a new concept, I slowly but surely began to manage to mediate the message I wanted troughout the whole concept.

As you can see, my work focusses on the more fancy side of fashion and makeup.

My workpieces always have a certain relation to avant garde style.

Some people may say some of my work just seem too crazy at first glance. I partly agree with them, but want them to see there always is a soft, mature and reasoned component in my concept that makes my work stay harmounious, classy and pleasant to every viewer’s eye.

In 2014, I started doing Photoshoots too. I initially wanted to make sure my work as a Makeup Artist is being seen exactly the way I want it to bee seen. Putting as much love and care in taking photos as in doing makeup, quickly resulted in a very positive feedback.

I finally began to see photography as being an extension of the work I do in Makeup Artistry.  That’s why now I can proudly offer this service to all of you (and let you take advantage of having your Makeup Artist catching you in the very best shape) Together we develop every possible idea you might have, I make it become true for you and catch that special moment on a photo.  Makeup, photography and postprocessing become an all-over process out of one hand.

I’m an open minded, curious and energetic artist, always searching for new people to work with.  I’m ready to conquer every challenge your model, shooting theme, location or setup may mean to me. If you are interested in cooperating for a very outstanding and extraordinary shoot or may want to become an official partner, free shoots may be possible too, as long as both parties really benefit from the project.

See you soon


A few Professionals I’ve worked with:

Sonia Gleis


Thorunn Egilsdottir

Indigo Make up Studios

Toni and Guy Luxembourg


Andreas Wendt / German Star Hairdresser

Coiffeur Georges Boissenet

Coiffeur by Tun

Coiffeur Lilliane Thorn 

Haute Coiffure Francaise 

Lalux Assurance

Fab Longo / Belgium

Frank Schaefer / Germany

Tanja El Kabid / Germany

 Lynn Schockmel / Body Paint Luxembourg

 De Photoneckel

Light and Shade Studio

Black Phoenix Film Productions

Made in Luxe Magazine



and many more….


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